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Scheduled For Cataract Surgery? How To Protect Your Eyes Following Surgery

If you've been diagnosed with cataracts, and will be undergoing treatment for their removal, it's important that you take steps to prepare for the recovery process. Studies show that about half of all American's are diagnosed with cataracts by the time they turn 75. Luckily, surgery can remove the cataracts, and restore your vision. Here are some steps you can take to protect your eyes following cataract surgery.

Follow Your Steroid Treatment Plan

If you're scheduled for cataract surgery, your doctor will want to take steps to prevent post-operative inflammation. Eye inflammation is common following cataract removal surgery, however, excess inflammation can cause serious harm, which is why your doctor will probably prescribe sustained release cataract surgery steroids for use after surgery. During your recovery period, it's important that you follow your steroid treatment plan as outlined by your doctor. If you notice an increase in inflammation, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Don't Miss Your Follow-Up Exam

Following your cataract surgery, your doctor will want you to schedule a post-operative exam. During this exam, your doctor will check on the healing process, as well as check for any signs of infection. It's important that you not miss this appointment, even if it appears that your eyes are healing the way that they should be. You may have issues that only your doctor will be able to identify. Without proper care, your eyes may not heal as well as they should.

Wear Protective Eye Wear During Recovery

During the first few days and weeks following surgery, your eyes will be susceptible to injuries and irritation. To protect your eyes, wear safety goggles during the recovery period. Safety goggles will help keep dust and debris out of your eyes when you go outside. They'll also help prevent you from rubbing your eyes, or bumping into things that could injure them. For maximum eye protection, wear clear safety goggles while in the house, and UV-protecting sunglasses when you go outside. That way, your eyes are protected against physical injuries and sun damage.

Keep Pressure Off Your Eyes

While you're recovering from cataract surgery, you need to avoid putting any type of pressure on your eyes. This includes pressure from bending over for prolonged periods of time, heavy lifting, or strenuous physical activities. However, it also includes pressure caused by sneezing or vomiting. If you suffer from allergies, talk to your doctor about taking an allergy medication while you're recovering from cataract surgery. Also, if you feel nauseous following surgery, ask your doctor about anti-nausea medication.