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Need A Sport's Physical ASAP? Visit An Urgent Care Clinic To Solve This Problem

If your child comes wants to join a school sport, they will most likely be required to get a sport's physical completed before they can begin attending practices. If those practices happen to begin tomorrow, you will be in urgent need of getting the physical completed today. This could be a problem if you cannot get an appointment with your child's regular doctor; however, there is another option. You could visit an urgent care center.

Why This Is A Great Solution

While most people associate urgent care centers with illnesses or wounds, these centers are not simply designed for those purposes. In fact, you can use an urgent care clinic for many types of preventative services. For example, you can visit one of these centers to get flu shots or other vaccinations, and you can visit them for sport's physicals. Urgent care centers typically have doctors and nurse practitioners on staff, and you could end up meeting with either type of provider.

This option is a great solution when you need some type of health service immediately. According to reports, 65% of people that visit urgent care centers are able to see a provider within 20 minutes of checking in. This is relatively fast, and it may even involve less waiting time than you usually experience when visiting your child's regular doctor.

It's also important to understand that many urgent care centers are open 24 hours a day, and most are even open on holidays and weekends. This is not something you will find with regular doctor's clinics. This makes choosing urgent care one of the best options for medical treatment or preventative services whenever you need to see a doctor.

What A Sport's Physical Entails

If you decide to use urgent care for this purpose, the only thing you should bring along is a sport's physical form if you have one. Many schools provide these forms to the students; however, it is not a big deal if you do not have one. Most doctor's offices and urgent care centers will have their own forms. Their forms might not be exactly the same as the one the school provides, but it will suffice.

During a sport's physical, the practitioner will examine your child, ask questions, and take the child's vital signs. The goal of the physical is to make sure your child is healthy enough to take part in an activity. Sport's physicals are fairly basic, and most kids pass them without any problems.

If the practitioner finds a problem, though, he or she may refuse to sign the form. In this situation, the child will not be able to participate in the sport because he or she did not pass the physical. Some common reasons for this are injuries the child currently has, problems with asthma or other breathing conditions, and existing health issues.

In some cases, a sport's physical may require completing a urine test, which is called a urinalysis. A urinalysis during a sport's physical is typically required simply to check the levels in the child's urine. Unusual levels in urine can indicate health problems, such as diabetes, and this is done simply to ensure that nothing appears unusual or off about the child's health.

If you want your child to begin participating with a certain sport right away, you will have to make sure he or she has a sport's physical. This is an annual requirement for most sports and in most states, and you can have this completed by visiting an urgent care center in your area. For more information on the services provided by an urgent care, contact a clinic like Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, Inc.