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Protect Your Hearing During Loud Home Projects -- Here Are The Benefits Of Two Styles Of Hearing Protection

To reduce your risk of hearing loss that can lead to a need for hearing aids at an early age, it's always important to protect your hearing when you're exposed to loud noises. Many of these noises can present themselves around the home -- so it's important that you have some form of hearing protection of hand. Things such as mowing the lawn with a power mower, trimming your trees with a chainsaw and using other loud power tools should all necessitate the use of hearing protection to avoid premature hearing loss. If you don't have hearing protection, now is the time to visit a store to buy either some in-ear plugs of a pair of over-ear muffs. Here are some benefits to each style of hearing protection.

In-Ear Plugs

  • Because they're commonly sold in large containers, you can keep multiple pairs of in-ear plugs in certain areas so that it's never a hassle to grab them. If you have a work coat that you wear for yard work, for example, keep a pair in the chest pocket; if you have a workshop with many power tools, keep other pairs in that space.
  • The lightweight nature of in-ear plugs means that they don't bother your ears by pinching the tips of your ears or allowing a buildup of heat around the ears. Ear muffs can make your ears feel sweaty when you're wearing them on hot days. Additionally, because in-ear plugs are light, you can wear them for a long period of time without hardly noticing that they're in place.

Ear Muffs

  • Their bulky nature means that you won't have to waste time searching for them. While small in-ear plugs can easily get overlooked in a messy workshop or toolbox, for example, the large size of the ear muffs makes them difficult to miss in any setting.
  • They're easy to place over your ears in mere seconds, and adjusting the ear muffs is also simple. Conversely, some people find the process of rolling up the in-ear plugs and then inserting them into the ears to be a challenge.
  • They're ideal if you're working with dirty hands. Even as you use the ear muffs, your dirty hands won't come into contact with your ears. It's not advisable to use dirty hands to prepare in-ear plugs, given that the dirt or bacteria on your hands can actually enter your ear canal and lead to problems.

Keep these tips in mind to protect your hearing when working around the home and yard. And for more information about your hearing, especially if you notice some problems, it is best to talk with a medical professional, such as those at Hearing Health Clinic.