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Learn How to Help Your Child with His or Her Visual Skills

Does your child have trouble seeing? He or she may need to wear prescription glasses on a regular basis. There are several common eye problems that can occur in children, such as lazy eye and nearsightedness. If your little one is still having a hard time seeing and is struggling in school because of his or her vision, an optometrist may have suggested vision therapy. There are some things you should know about this therapy ahead of time.

How Does Vision Therapy Help Children?

The purpose of this specific type of therapy is to help improve a child's sight. While it is important for a child who has been diagnosed with an eye condition to wear the right prescription glasses or contacts as advised by a medical professional, receiving professional vision therapy could benefit your little one as well. There are different activities he or she can participate in that will really test perception. After just a few regular therapy sessions, your child may begin to make improvements in school, especially when it comes to focusing more on lessons.

What Are Some of the Different Therapy Activities?

Although the types of activities for your child will vary based on whom he or she is seeing for therapy, there are a few different lessons that can help children drastically improve their visual skills over time. The therapist may have your little one separate beads into different sections based on their color. This process may seem simple for some, but it will test your child's ability to recognize the different colors and set them apart from one another.

The therapist may provide several age-appropriate toys for your child to play with during sessions. Colorful wooden block puzzles are just one of many toys that may be introduced throughout each session. Along with colorful block puzzles, the therapist could encourage your child to complete paint-by-number or color-by-number kits. Putting puzzles together, coloring, and painting are all activities that require an individual to focus and really use their eyes to see what they are doing.

Word searches and look-and-find books also require children to use their eyes to try finding different words and images. You may notice the therapist has several of these puzzles and books readily available for your little one to begin using.

Are There Ways to Help at Home Between Sessions?

Most parents want their children to have the best vision possible. Aside from making sure your child wears his or her eyeglasses and attends vision-therapy sessions regularly, there are some different activities you can do at home as a way of improving the vision over a period of time. In fact, arts and crafts are a great option.

It is a good idea to complete arts and crafts projects that are colorful and will require your child to focus on something specific. You and your little one could make homemade putty in a variety of different colors or spend some time making homemade photo frames with colorful craft sticks. You may even want to consider buying matching games and seek-and-find books. These games and books will make the at-home learning process a lot more fun. If your little one is doing well during vision-therapy sessions, doing some of these different activities at home could only continue to benefit him or her.

Finding out your little one has trouble with his or her vision is often heartbreaking. As a parent, you may want to do anything possible to help improve your child's eyesight. Not only should you make sure your kid is always wearing their prescription eyeglasses, but you should also consider taking him or her to vision therapy. These sessions are beneficial for children of all ages.

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