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Thinking About Starting A Walking Routine? Why You Should See A Podiatrist First

If you've made up in your mind that you're going to buckle down and start a walking routine, you're making a great decision.  Although walking seems like such a natural activity, if you're willing to engage in a regular regimen, you may gain a range of benefits.  However, before you start walking regularly as exercise it's important that you let a podiatrist evaluate your feet.  Use this information to learn more about why you should see a podiatrist before you hit the road.

Podiatrists Can Recommend The Right Shoes

The main reason why you should see a podiatrist just prior to beginning your walking routine is because they can recommend the right shoes.  Shopping for walking shoes is quite different than shopping for fashion purposes.  If it's been awhile since you exercised, you may not realize just how much support you're going to need.  An experienced podiatrist can evaluate your foot to help you choose the perfect pair of walking shoes.

Having the right walking shoes is so important because you need shoes that will cradle the foot and embrace both the arch and the ball of the foot.  This helps you achieve that spring in your step which can make walking a pleasure rather than a pain.  Depending on the pronation of your feet, you'll need a particular type of shoe.  Podiatrists typically have a long list of walking shoes that they can recommend to you based upon the type of foot that you have.  The doctor may decide that hiking boots will be better for you since they also give you ankle support.  This is the kind of advice that can go a long way toward making walking easier for you.

Podiatrists Can Custom Make Your Insoles

Another reason why you should go to the podiatrist is because they can provide you with custom made insoles.  Once you have the right shoes, custom insoles can take your footwear over the edge, giving you an insert that conforms perfectly to your feet. For example, you may have found shoes that fit right and feel nice and comfortable but which don't provide a sufficient amount of support for your exceptionally high arch. The rest of the fit won't matter if your arch is not supported properly.

Going to the podiatrist could prove to be a very wise decision.  Don't wait; when you're ready to pound the pavement, go see a podiatrist so you can enjoy these benefits and many more.