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Your Guide To Effective Skin Renewal With Ablative Laser Resurfacing

If your teens, 20s, or even beyond were literally marred by severe acne and you're not a fan of the scars they left behind, it is important to know that you may be able to minimize their appearance with ablative laser resurfacing. Ablative laser resurfacing provides skin renewal by targeting both the visibly scarred and underlying skin, in order to remove the outermost layer and force new growth underneath. Therefore, if you're ready to rid your skin of your severe acne scars, you need to be aware of the information discussed below.

Important Preparation Facts To Know Before Your Ablative Laser Resurfacing

One popular option for removing scars is ablative laser resurfacing from a place like the Midwest Medical Specialists. There are numerous types of laser treatments for skin care and fighting the signs of aging, but ablative laser resurfacing is best for severe acne scars. It is important to note that this option does tend to be quite challenging for patients.

As it is an outpatient procedure, the provider will typically provide you with some form of anesthesia. If your scarring impacts much of your face, body or is in a particularly sensitive area, you might need to undergo sedation for the procedure. 

Otherwise, local anesthesia is typically all that is needed. Regardless, you should not plan to drive yourself home from the hospital.  

Understanding What The Big Day Will Consist Of

It is first necessary to remember that lasers are essentially just focused light energy. When you undergo ablative laser resurfacing, that laser focuses your areas of concern in order to break down the outer layer of skin. The heat produced by the laser that targets the outer skin also extends to the underlying skin. One result of doing so is quickly seen when the collagen fibers begin to reduce in size.

The body responds to the laser treatment by forming new skin that does not have the majority of your unfortunate acne scarring and other imperfections. The procedure itself can take up to two hours or as little as 30 minutes, with the time difference resulting from the severity of the acne scars in question. Recovery time will vary and may take up to two weeks. 

In addition, you should be aware that during your recovery, oozing, redness, and swelling of the treated area are common complaints. That means that many patients have needed to make modifications to their routine or daily life during that time period and all patients will be provided with care instructions during that time. One common instruction involves limiting the use of makeup or non-approved creams or lotions to the area, as the exclusive use of specific products will be necessary for the quick healing and good results you need.           

In conclusion, acne scars are a common concern for many adults and in some instances, can be quite disfiguring. If you are bothered by that unfortunate physical evidence of your problematic skin, you might be able to benefit from ablative laser resurfacing, as shared above.