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3 Tips That Can Help Protect Your Child From Lice

One of the biggest issues that many parents worry about when they send their children to school is that the child can develop head lice and bring the lice into the home where it can infect the rest of the family. Listed below are three tips you can follow that can help protect your child from lice.

Utilize The Right Type Of Shampoo

One of the easiest ways to protect your child from lice is to utilize the right type of shampoo to counteract a lice outbreak. For example, there are a wide range of shampoo options out there that have ingredients in them that are antiseptic or antifungal, which means that those ingredients can actually kill head lice or drive them away from your children.

Some of these ingredients are tea tree oil, lavender oil, and coconut. If you do not want to go through the trouble of buying the specific shampoos, especially since they can be quite pricey, you can consider simply buying the oils separately and mixing them into your child's regular shampoo.

Teach Your Children To Keep Some Items To Themselves

Another important tip that can help protect your child from lice is to teach your child that they should keep some things to themselves when they are at school. Sure, it is always a great thing when a child learns how to share with his or her friends or schoolmates, but there are some items that when shared can lead to a higher risk of a lice outbreak. For example, you do not want your child to be willing to share sweaters, coats, hats, or combs with their classmates or friends because those can easily transfer head lice from an infected child to your child.

Utilize Lice Repellent

Finally, you can also utilize a lice repellent to keep any lice from nesting and remaining in your child's hair for long periods of time. Many of these lice repellents are a simple spray that you can utilize every morning on your child's hair in order to protect your child from any potential outbreaks that may occur in his or her classroom or school.

In most cases, you simply spray the repellent on your child's hair and comb it in in order to provide maximum protection. Many of these sprays will incorporate the same type of ingredients that are used in anti-lice shampoos.

Speak to a doctor today in order to discuss what you can do to help prevent a head lice outbreak and how to protect your child from an outbreak at his or her school. Utilizing the right type of shampoo, teaching children to keep some items to themselves, and utilizing lice repellents are all great ways to protect your child from head lice. You can also talk to your doctor about lice removal products.