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Greatly Reduce Your Seasonal Allergies With These 5 Proven Methods

It may be the perfect weather to keep your windows open or enjoy a pleasant day at the park, but if are sneezing and hacking up a storm your seasonal allergies could be causing you to sing the blues. Rhinitis sufferers can use over-the-counter medications to help alleviate their symptoms, but they won't fully go away until the root cause of their allergies has been eliminated. Get prepared to clean up your home and clear out your environment of allergens that are causing your discomfort by following these five simple remedies:

1. Replace The Air Filters In Your HVAC Unit - Even if your service contract enables you to have your residential HVAC inspected and tuned up on a bi-annual basis you could be suffering from an overload of allergens. Help treat your rhinitis by swapping out your dusty HVAC air filters regularly and faithfully.

2. Clean Off Your Window Screens - It definitely helps to keep your window sills clear of visible dust and to keep your window panes squeaky clean if you suffer from seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, neglecting to clean your window screens can cause dander, pollen, and dust to fly into your home and directly into your nasal passages. Clear up your rhinitis by washing your window screens with water and vinegar every month and allergens will not accumulate in your home as easily.

3. Clean Up The Foliage In Your Yard - The plants around your home should be trimmed regularly and all yard waste should be sealed up and disposed of swiftly if you want to keep your rhinitis symptoms at a minimum. Performing yard work may be a struggle when you're already congested and sneezing, but you will feel better soon after clearing out the weeds and cutting down your grass.

4. Use Hypoallergenic Pillowcases And Sheets - Allergens typically settle on porous surfaces like fabric, so use hypoallergenic bed sheets and pillow cases so that you can sleep easily throughout the night. Since your face comes in close contact with your bed linens, your rhinitis symptoms will dissipate after switching to sheets that prevent dust and pollen from accumulating. 

5. Utilize All Your Vacuum Attachments - You can vacuum your carpeting, wipe the hard surfaces in your home, and dust in the corners of the ceilings and still miss a lot of the allergens lurking around. Put all of the attachments that came with your vacuum cleaner to good use and suck up all of the unseen dust particles that you miss during normal cleaning.

Contact a health center like Northwest Asthma & Allergy Center PS for more information and assistance.