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5 Natural Supplements For Arthritis Pain

Characterized by inflammation and stiffness of the joints, arthritis can wreak havoc on your quality of life and emotional wellness. Not only can it cause discomfort, but arthritis can reduce your ability to complete normal everyday tasks. Most people will take prescription medications to ease their inflammation and stiffness, but these medications can have side effects that cause even more distress. Fortunately, natural solutions are available. Here are a few supplements to consider if you have arthritis.


S-adenosylmethionine is an excellent pain reliever because it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Also known as SAM-e, this supplement contains stimulants that boost cartilage production, making your joints more productive while reducing your overall pain and stiffness.

Consider adding SAM-e to your daily regimen if you have osteoarthritis or even pain associated with fibromyalgia.


You may be surprised to learn that capsaicin, which is found in peppers, can be an effective supplement for reducing pain and stiffness associated with your arthritis. Recent studies have shown individuals who used a topical cream containing capsaicin saw a 50 percent reduction in their joint pain.

While most commonly found in topical creams and ointments, patches that contain capsaicin are also available. These patches can be applied to an affected area, releasing the heat-producing, anti-inflammatory properties slowly over time.


You may have heard about tumeric or seen it in an ingredient list or in the spice aisle of your local grocery store. However, tumeric is also an effective option for people who have arthritis.

Tumeric contains Curcumin, which is a chemical that eases joint pain, inflammation, and swelling around the joints.

Fish Oil

Most people have seen or read about the benefits of fish oil. These supplements contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which offer enormous anti-inflammatory benefits. Not only will taking fish oil reduce your inflammation and stiffness in and around the joints, but it can also ease swelling associated with your arthritis.


Last, but definitely not least, consider taking a ginger supplement daily if you are living with arthritis. Again, ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that are similar to the properties of the above supplements.

Because it is natural, ginger can be a safer alternative to taking ibuprofen multiple times per day to ease your pain and swelling.

Living with arthritis is possible, but you do not have to live with the side effects of harmful prescription medications. This guide will help you stock your medicine cabinet with effective, natural health products.