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Hospital For Special Surgery Rehab—How To Maximize Your Stay At One

Significant surgeries can put people through a lot. Recovery may last a long time and involve chronic fatigue and pain. If you plan to check yourself into a hospital for special surgery rehab, here are several ways to maximize your time at one.

Find a Hospital You're Comfortable With

Your recovery will go smoothly from beginning to end after a special surgery if you find a hospital that you're comfortable with. Many factors go into comfort and your ability to let your guard down. For example, a hospital with friendly staff, modern medical equipment, safety-compliant procedures, and a welcoming atmosphere would make special surgery rehab much easier to deal with.

Get on the Same Page With Your Recovery Team

Regardless of which hospital you choose for special surgery rehab, you have to get on the same page with your recovery team. Your team should include different professionals, including physicians, nurses, and medical aids. They all have your health and safety in mind.

You should cover your particular rehab program well before surgery, reviewing activities to refrain from, finding ways you can facilitate your recovery, and knowing what red flags to watch for. Listen to every detail to put yourself in the best position to heal quickly, whether your back or neck gets operated on. 

Do Things to Prevent Incision Infections 

Typically, involved surgeries require incisions. They're necessary to reach parts of your body that need an operation. You must do everything possible to prevent an incision infection because it could be life-threatening. Washing your hands often is one of the best things you can do to keep incisions from getting infected. You can also take antibiotics, which your healthcare team should prescribe, and keep the incisions as clean as possible. 

Drink and Eat Properly

While you're at a hospital going through a special surgery rehab program, drinking and eating properly is a must. Your body just went through a lot, so you need to do everything you can to get it to heal. 

Also, eating and drinking the right things helps you experience fewer complications after surgery. Fortunately, your healthcare team should have a special diet already prepared for you. Expect to eat healthy foods that are low in fat and high in protein. As far as drinks, you'll be asked to stick to clear fluids. 

It's never easy to go through a major surgery, but if you do your best to get the most from special surgery rehab at a hospital, you'll give yourself an amazing shot at a smooth recovery. 

Contact a local hospital for special surgery rehabilitation to learn more.